3 Facebook Page Hacks For Increasing Lead Generation For Your Business 

Introducing 3 Facebook page hacks I’ve tried and tested for increasing lead generation for your business in 2018.

These are timeless and designed to work even with all the recent changes to the Facebook algorithm (which is really telling Facebook page owners to up their game when it comes to producing content).

Mark Zuckerberg’s focus for the Facebook of the future is based on engagement. 

Thankfully having had a great mentor who stressed the importance of engagement on Facebook has put me (and my clients) in a great position anyway.

Thank you Sandi K!

Facebook business pages are frequently misunderstood by small business owners as being a whole lot of noise or a complete waste of time with no action or results attached.

But when you actively build a community around your brand with a Facebook page magic happens

When you focus on engagement FIRST you will start to have more impact as a business that actually cares about and listens to the people themselves.

That then makes them feel comfortable enough to actively Like, Share and Comment on something you create or share.

So where exactly should you put your lead capture forms, links or lead magnets?

Well I’m glad you asked, here’s 3 evergreen ways to generate leads directly from your Facebook business page AND they are also engaging.

Facebook Page Hacks #1: Add A Description Of Your Facebook Page Cover 

"Facebook Cover Hack"

Now for the vast majority of the time people are using Facebook via their own Newsfeeds on their smart phones.

They are not in general hopping onto Facebook to seek out new pages to follow.

They usually find great pages to follow from websites they visit or from Facebook sponsored ads they see and organic update they see scrolling through their Newsfeed.

Your job as business owner and entrepreneur is to help them find you by creating engaging content that makes them want to find out more.

When they do want to find out more the first thing they will see is your Facebook page cover image or your Facebook Cover Video if you have one.

(If you want to know how to create one of those check out this How-To blog post & video tutorial I did that walks you through the whole thing.)

Once they visit your Facebook page they are likely to assess whether or not your page is something they might like to follow for more information and updates from you.

Your Facebook Cover image is going to be one of the most important assets on your page and you will find that some people actually click the cover image to find out more about you and your page.

When you upload your Facebook Cover image you can ad a description in the box on the right hand side of the image which you can use to your advantage when it comes to generating leads for your business and assisting with building your email list.

Add a description to your Facebook cover image that includes things like:-

  • A welcome intro and a link to your website. 
  • An invitation to join your Facebook Group if you have one.
  • A special invitation for one of your list building lead magnets or to something you are currently promoting on social media which could also be featured on your Facebook Cover Image.

Most savvy digital marketers today are using social media for live workshops, webinars, challenges and events to boost engagement whilst building their email lists at the same time.

Look at some of your favourite Facebook pages to get some ideas on how you can get the most out of this valuable part of your Facebook page.

Facebook Page Hacks #2: Pin A Lead Magnet To The Top Of Your Facebook Page

"LinkedIn Profile Cheatsheet"

One of the best ways to attract more eyeballs to your current lead magnet or offer is to create a blog post on your website about your latest freebie or lead magnet.

Then post the blog post to Facebook

And then pin it to the top of your Facebook page.

People who then visit your page are guaranteed to see your latest offer at the top of your page feed and you’ll see an increase in people opting in to your offers directly from your Facebook page.

To pin something to the top of your Facebook page, simply hover over the 3 dashes on the top right hand side of your new post and select “Pin to the top of the page” from the drop down menu.

 Facebook Page Hacks #3: Get Creative With Your Image Updates 

"Facebook page hacks"

Following the latest algorithm changes being made to Facebook announced by Mark Zuckerberg recently (click here to read his announcement) every Facebook page owner is going to have to either use one of the many (and brilliant I may add) advertising platforms to get more reach.

Or you need to focus on becoming mighty creative with your updates as the focus switches to engagement and authenticity to even be seen organically.

I’ve always believed that paid advertising is part of growing a business anyway

There is a subtle but effective way to weave a lead magnet link into a Facebook update whilst using an eye catching image at the same time.

First select an image you know your audience will love.

Then create a description about the image.

Finish your description by adding a link to either your website, store or a lead magnet where they can find out more about what your offer.

 Bonus Tip! 

Remember to use the Big Blue Button under your Facebook page cover.

It may look small on your desktop but on your smart phone it becomes a prominent area that stretches right across the screen.

Hence “The Big Blue Button”.

You can select a call to action from:-

  • Make a booking with you
  • Contact you
  • Learn more about your business
  • Shop with you or make a donation
  • Download your app or play your game
  • Join your community

The best options are ones that engages people (ie the Join your community option if you run a Facebook Group)

Or the “Learn more about your business” option which can be a lead capture page with a freebie for them to download.

An extra tip would be to create a special page just for Facebook visitors to make sure the connection is unique to Facebook.

Great for surprising someone and great for tracking how effective Facebook is for growing your business.


  • Facebook’s new direction is the same as it has always been, engagement first.
  • Make sure you are making the most of your Facebook business page by optimizing it.
  • Use your Facebook page as the first point of contact for all your website traffic if you can, people are searching on Facebook before websites today.
  • Focus on creating value driven content that wraps around lead magnets for best effect.
  • Monitor everything that happens on your Facebook page in terms of engagement and focus on what’s working and do more of that.

To your online marketing success!

Diane Cossie

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