Introducing My New Small Business Facebook Marketing Services! If You Are Frozen To The Spot About Facebook For Your Business, Can't Think What To Post & Don't  Have A Clue Where To Start I Would LOVE To Talk To You

I'll Give You The Tools, The Inspiration & The Know How That You Are Missing Out On Right Now When It Comes To Using Facebook To Grow Your Business


Don't Know Where To Start With Facebook For Your Business?

I've studied with some of the top social media influencers in the world which means you get to leapfrog to the top of your niche.

Facebook for small business is a minefield because the vast majority of training courses, websites and best advice is aimed at big businesses not you or I.

If you are struggling to get Facebook going for your business, and you just sit there wondering what to post every day I feel your pain.

Back in 2010 I was in exactly the same boat.

I had 2 Facebook pages with about 135 likes and 62 likes respectively with zero comments, likes or shares. I could see other people using Facebook for their business and getting incredible results so I opened up a Word document and called it "Conquering Facebook."

Then I started to apply what I can teach you and within months Facebook became the second biggest generator of traffic to our website.

But what amazed me (and my clients over the last few years) was the quality of the lead that came from Facebook.

It was like they already knew us, liked us and trusted us.

Frogs Can Jump More Than 20 Times Their Body Length, That's The Equivalent Of A Human Jumping Over 100 Feet. It's What I Would Call A Quantum Leap ...

And that's what I can help you do. You can leap-frog years of testing, measuring, trial and error, tears and frustration in just one quantum leap.

So Are You Ready To Conquer Facebook For Your Business?

Facebook marketing for small business without guidance is like riding one of those spinning bucking-bronco machines and trying to stay in the saddle.

It will either throw you off, wear you down or just make you give up!

And then there's the dreaded C word.


I know first hand just how difficult it can be to come up with blog content once a week so when it comes to posting content on social media DAILY every day?

Now that is a challenge right there.

And the thought of posting 1-3 times per day every day defeats and deflates even the most optimistic people.

But I can show you how to never run out of things to "do or say" on your Facebook page because that's what I do every day. 

Or I can take over and run the whole shebang for you with my Social Media Done For You Service which exclusively includes an advertising budget to guarantee your Facebook page following grows! (limited spaces available)


Want some help getting started? Here's what to do next ...


What's it like to work with me?

  • - Diane is a fantastic digital marketing strategist with an extensive knowledge in social media and content marketing. We have had a great experience working with her and would definitely recommend her services to others!


    Paul Gregory Director Talk To Media

And here's some comments from my 30 Day Facebook Challengers taking action on some of my top tips!

To your online marketing success!