Why Cross Promoting Across More Social Media Platforms Isn’t As Bad As You Think

"Why Cross Promoting Across More Social Media Platforms Isn’t As Bad As You Think"

 Note from Diane: So just when you think you have your social media plan all worked out, set up and working smoothly that little voice inside your head says “how can we do social media better?” And so I used a recent holiday break to do some new reading, research and learning and decided to…

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Why Personal Development Is Vital To Your Success

"Why Personal Development Is Vital To Your Success"

        Personal development is often something associated with listening to great motivational speakers of our time like Tony Robbins or Bob Proctor. I personally could (and do) listen to them for hours and hours. For me it’s the modern day equivalent of King Solomon consulting with wise men to build on his…

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3 Things To Try In July

"3 Things To Try In July"

Note from Diane: Here are three new things to try this month to keep the momentum going in your business and your focus on reaching your goals. It’s the half-way point in the year and that means it’s time to review those goals you set yourself at the start of the year and compare where…

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#coachmedaily Your Values Become Your Destiny

"#coachmedaily Your Values Become Your Destiny"

       Leading with your values in life is a good thing because your values become your destiny. When you are looking for ways to grow your business by attracting more of your ideal clients you will want to set out quite clearly what your values are and align yourself with people who share them. Values…

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