How To Make Original Facebook Post Ideas In 5 Easy Steps

"Facebook post ideas"

When it comes to Facebook post ideas originality will always make you stand out and when you develop your own brand and style nothing can be more effective in attracting more eyeballs to your Facebook page, more readers to your content and be actively growing your Facebook business page all at the same time. If…

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Facebook Video Cover How To Tutorial

"Facebook Video Cover How To Tutorial"

Would you love a trendy new Facebook video cover for your Facebook business page?  I know I did but I was perplexed by things like how to make a video the size of the Facebook page cover, what to put in it and what to make it with so when I finally accomplished the task…

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How To Get Followers On Twitter (Best Way Guaranteed)

Note from Diane about “How to get followers on Twitter”: Twitter for small business and how to get more followers on Twitter are the two most frequently asked questions I get from small business owners and entrepreneurs who book my popular Social Media Power Hours.  And with the emphasis on everything Twitter this month (as…

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Facebook Marketing Tip : How To Get More Organic Engagement On Facebook

"Facebook Marketing Tip - How To Get Organic Engagement On Facebook"

Note from Diane:Today I am giving you a fantastic Facebook marketing tip about Facebook organic reach. Now it’s likely you’ve heard that Facebook organic reach is at an all time low, or practically non existent for your content right now leaving you scratching your head and wondering how to get more organic engagement on Facebook…

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