30 Day Facebook Marketing Challenge 2018

"30 Day Facebook Marketing Challenge 2018"

I am so excited to be introducing the new 30 Day Facebook Marketing Challenge 2018, it will be our biggest and best yet!

With all the "hoo-haa" surrounding the latest Facebook algorithm changes with the focus being put firmly on engagement plus the constant need to sharpen the saw when it comes to using social media for your business what better way to set up your social media marketing strategy for the coming quarter than by joining in the latest, greatest 30 Day Facebook Marketing Challenge!

I first introduced the 30 Day Facebook Marketing Challenge a couple of years ago after I started to see amazing results from using Facebook for my business ventures and helping small business owners get to grips with what Facebook can do when it's done in the right way of course.

Facebook quickly became the second biggest driver of traffic to my website, I also started to see new email subscribers being added to my list every day and eventually I was able to track sales coming directly from Facebook.

It is hands down the number one social media platform in the world and has the best tools and reach you could possibly wish for plus a whole host of business building friendly advertising options that are super simple to use and incredibly effective.

I believe that as business owners and entrepreneurs it is part of our "new job" to Market Brilliantly and Facebook is a relationship social platform so traditional advertising doesn't work!

So if you are up for a challenge and ready to conquer Facebook for your business join in the free 30 Day Facebook Marketing Challenge 2018 & I'll be sharing 30 days of free Facebook marketing tips, tricks, short-cuts & hacks to help you create a fully optimized Facebook page that actively grows your business every day.

Read on to find out 3 reasons why this challenge will help you overcome your Facebook fears and set you on the right path to more success with Facebook for your business.

Market Brilliantly: 30 Day Facebook Marketing Challenge 2018

"30 Day Facebook Marketing Challenge 2018"


You'll Gain Clarity About Using Facebook For Your Business.

 Most small business owners and entrepreneurs struggle to define their Facebook marketing strategy first so they get confused about what to post, when, how often and with what. (None of us want to, or can afford to spend ALL our available time posting updates to Facebook in the hope that something will happen.)

We need clarity on what types of content get the most reaction and why and how we can incorporate them into our businesses and align them with our brand.

You Will Get A Boost Of Confidence That It's Not "Just You" Who Struggles With This.

This challenge will reveal areas that you need to work on when it comes to your Facebook marketing. For some people the hardest part is not knowing what to post at all, for others it's being frightened of posting the wrong thing and looking silly.

But most struggle to just keep going with it day after day after day.  Consistency comes from confidence. When you get clear in your mind why you should be using Facebook for your business you start to see it as a "must-do" not a should-do.

You Will Add Structure To Your Page And Know Exactly What To Focus On

Facebook business pages have undergone many changes over the years (I've been using them since 2012 when we had giant tabs and welcome gates - remember those?). Transparency and authenticity are two buzzwords in the online world that are hard to understand in the offline world because it's more of a dog eat dog environment where running your business is a bit like covering your homework with your arm so nobody can copy you.

What social media actually allows you to do is to demonstrate just how unique you business is and the more creative you get about delivering your brand, message and values through social media the more engaged your audience will be as they turn from strangers into loyal fans that will tell their friends about you at every opportunity.


  • The 30 Day Facebook Marketing Challenge 2018 is going to challenge the way you think about Facebook for your business in all the right ways.
  • Facebook is a relationship platform with an emphasis on engagement. We'll give you lots of ideas and tips on how to create engaging content.
  • We'll help you understand how to optimize your Facebook page for maximum effect, including lead generation.
  • And we'll share some of our tops tools and resources for saving oodles of time.



To your online marketing success!

Diane Cossie

"Diane Cossie Project Lifestyle Club"

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