Motivational Monday Inside The Mindset Of Will Smith

One of the biggest challenges a woman or female entrepreneur faces is the constant battle with herself and her own mind. Women tend to think primarily with their emotions more than men, who find it easier to be more straight forward and clear thinking, leaving their emotions very much under wraps most of the time.

In a never ending obsession to reprogram my mind to be more aligned with the clear thinking mindset of athletes and champions I can frequently be found on my treadmill listening to all sorts of motivational You Tube videos about that very topic.

In just a few short years we have progressed from CD’s in CD players to downloads, podcasts and YouTube videos that you would gladly pay for to access.

But thanks to the amazing world we live in today there are hundreds and hundreds of hours of brilliant videos aimed at helping you reprogram your mind to think more successfully and give you laser sharp focus when it comes to executing your plans.

What better way to kick-start 2018  than with Evan Carmichael’s take on Will Smith’s Top 10 rules for success.

Motivational Monday Inside The Mindset Of Will Smith

Will Smith’s 10 Rules For Success

1. Will Smith on focus – you have to be obessive about focusing on being the best.

2. Improve yourself – when you get out of bed, you still have work to do on yourself. Be driven by elevating your mind and improving your spirit.

3. Don’t chase money. Chase something you love and the money will follow. You will tear yourself apart if you don’t surrender to what you love.

4. Be vulnerable. You have to be comfortable looking silly in front of people. You cannot hide uncertainty from the camera.

5. Laugh at everything! Laughing is the elixir. Spend time with people who make you laugh.

6. Know that you CAN. Tell your children “he who says h can and he who says he can’t are both usually right.

7. Provide value. Stay focused on delivering you art and your ideas to make the world better.

8. Live life without fear. Fear tells you stupid things. Get comfortable with confronting fear.

9. Express positive energy. Be positive, loving & kind.

10. Have fun. (Just watch the video and you’ll see) 


  • Will Smith has the most incredible attitude to life, he’s funny, talented and one of the most bankable actors in the world.
  • He often says the secret to success lies in reading and running.
  • He’s smashed through all of Hollywood’s glass ceilings and is constantly seeking new ways to improve himself, the lives of others and add value to the world.


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