Facebook Marketing Tip : How To Get More Organic Engagement On Facebook

"Facebook Marketing Tip - How To Get Organic Engagement On Facebook"

Note from Diane:Today I am giving you a fantastic Facebook marketing tip about Facebook organic reach. Now it’s likely you’ve heard that Facebook organic reach is at an all time low, or practically non existent for your content right now leaving you scratching your head and wondering how to get more organic engagement on Facebook that is relevant to your business. 

In this Facebook marketing tip I’m going to share a real-life Facebook update for one of my clients that smashed through the Facebook organic reach glass ceiling based on one thing most people miss from their marketing and that is marketing with your heart not just your head.

I remember the early days of social media marketing when people were trying to figure the whole thing out and then Perry Belcher put together an “insiders report” that basically in a nutshell revealed that:

In order to succeed on social media you actually have to actually care about people Click To Tweet

At first you’ll laugh (as I did) because it sounds so obvious.

But then you may wonder that perhaps most of your Facebook marketing is more about YOU and not YOUR AUDIENCE?

People who are succeeding in business right now are the ones focused on increasing engagement with people on social media and in this example we’ll look at what can happen when you build a community around your brand and add heart into your marketing.

Facebook Marketing Tip : How To Get Engagement On Facebook (Case Study)


1. Facebook Marketing Is About Sharing & Caring First

Now to most small business owners this is counter intuitive but it’s the “X factor” on how to succeed in social media especially on a platform like Facebook that thrives on engagement. So when we set out to build the IHUS Projects Facebook page we were starting from scratch in a sub-niche that is all about people looking to build an annex in their back garden for elderly care, an ageing parent or a family member who needs an affordable housing solution.

There is a whole lot of sentimental reasoning behind this purchase and it’s a lovely thing to be involved with, especially as they are adaptations specialists too.

So the first task we typically undertake for any new client is to create a Facebook Content Map to work from as we go about posting content in a variety mix that would include articles, images, case studies, email list building activities and more.

You can find out how to do this yourself by downloading my Social Media Posting Cheat Sheet and Mini-workshop video by clicking here.

Or if you live in the Shropshire area and would like me to do this with you, simply book yourself a Social Media Power Hour and we’ll go through the whole thing together.

2. Building Engagement Is A Slow & Steady Process

In order to build an engaged audience on your Facebook page you have to post great engaging content over a long period of time and actively grow your Facebook page audience. An important key to this is consistency.

When you are building engagement on your Facebook page by regularly posting great content you are also building implied trust to the point that if you did not post anything for a few days people would notice and wonder what was wrong?

With any Facebook page you have to build the community around the brand over time. It’s an evolution not a race to the finish line.

And although we actively run Facebook campaigns for promotions and page likes, when you build your Facebook page as a community, lead with engagement when it comes to asking for their feedback, amazing things can happen that can help you fine tune new products, improve customer service and get referrals and recommendations for your products and services on social media.

3. Facebook Organic Reach Results

We decided to start asking our community some questions (which is a tried and tested Facebook marketing strategy) and if you are using this regularly asking for feedback is a brilliant way to carry out market research of thousands of people without leaving your office chair.

So we uploaded a post for the most popular time slot (according to our Facebook insights) on a Friday night that went viral all over the weekend.

We started by saying “We would love your input!” (an engaging question)

Followed by “Which do you prefer?” (the question)

And we ended it with “We’d love to know why (smiley face)

Now there are only just over 3,000 people who actively like and follow this Facebook page and we managed to reach over 12,070 people and received over 200 comments.

"Facebook marketing tip organic reach"


  • Bonus Facebook marketing tip #1 :-
  • We uploaded two images (because Facebook does give more importance to multiple uploads as it may be an event).
  • Bonus Facebook marketing tip #2 :-
  • We actively commented back on the first 80 comments to keep the story bumping up in the Facebook News feed again and again and again.

4. Marketing Is About Capturing Hearts And Minds Not Just Attention

Marketing today is not just about getting your product in front of the right target market, creating campaigns and writing an eye catching headline, it’s a multi-faceted multi-media approach that is directly aligned to help small business owners and solopreneurs inject a real sense of giving and serving to their clients that large companies find hard to compete with.

Winning hearts and minds will win you more business that just being “nice” (heart) or just making things sound “sensible or logical” (minds)

Social media (especially Facebook) is designed to help the small business owner create and add something dynamic to their business where they feel completely at ease offering fantastic service to their clients.

I know a lot of female entrepreneurs personally who are not only amazing at what they do, they are hell bent on serving their clients with a giant heart at the centre of everything they do.

Facebook organic engagement is won over time, it’s a process that isn’t about the number of page likes, or the frequency of posting, it’s all about what is the driving factor behind your efforts, are you being authentic and are you leading with value.

Modern day business is an exciting place to be with such an eclectic mix of smart marketing platforms, tools and software that allow us to do amazing things just play it smarter on social media by focusing on engagement first.


  • A Facebook business page, when built in the right way will become as important to your business as your website.
  • Focus on engaging your audience more than anything else, but try and stay with associated topics within your market (I love crazy cat memes too but I’m serious about building a brand here not just aiming for attention that isn’t relevant to the Facebook page)
  • You can totally smash through the Facebook organic reach glass ceiling when you focus on building a relationship with your Facebook audience and put your heart into your marketing. It’s like seeking out something you know they’ll love and giving them that.
  • The easiest way to create and follow a Facebook map like the one we created for IHUS is with my Social Media Posting Cheat Sheet which you can download by clicking here.
  • If you are new to Facebook for your business and you want help to actively grow your audience and create a community around your brand, you can outsource the task to us by clicking here.

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