Canva Tutorial On How To Create A Unique Tip For The Day

Note from Diane: A quick Canva tutorial to help you create branded images to use on social media in less than 5 minutes. Canva is one of the best online graphic designing tools and we are extremely lucky as small business owners today to be able to have access to it for free (or for a few dollars a month if you want the business version) and I’m in such a happy place with it now that I have started to create a series of Canva tutorials like the one below inside the Project Lifestyle Club this month. 

I’ll also be creating a Canva Masterclass online ecourse later this month too.

One of the best aspects of being able to use Canva is that it has opened the doors to being able to unleash your inner creativity in multiple ways to help you do everything from designing your own logo, blog headers, flyers, Facebook ads, Twitter posts, Ebooks, PDF’s, social media updates, plus a ton of other tasks you would usually have to outsource to a graphic designer.

With that said, not everybody can do Canva in quite the same way as someone who has an artistic flair or “an eye” for an eye catching design when they see it.

It’s a bit like decorating a house or creating a garden, some people can just visualise everything and exactly how it is going to look and others can’t. Now I don’t want you to throw your arms up in the air and decide that you are just one of those people who simply cannot create anything at the first hurdle, because unique content is key to a successful online business.

It also became more rare than a few years ago …
In a recent article about Facebook stories from the BufferApp a problem scenario with regards to changes in Facebook’s user behaviour it high-lighted the following trend:-

The fuel that has fired Facebook’s extraordinary growth so far is user-generated content.
However, the sharing of original, user-generated content such as status’ and images declined 21% between mid-2015 and mid-2016. At the same time, sharing of news articles and other outside links increased, The Information, a tech news site, reported.

For Facebook, this seems to be a problem. Many of its users are no longer creating their own content, instead opting to share links and information from other websites.

So how do you set yourself apart from your competitors AND give Facebook more of what it wants AND build your brand all at the same time?

Create a unique quote, tip, word or thought for the day with my Canva tutorial.

Canva Tutorial On How To Create A Unique Tip For The Day

1. Start By Deciding What Serves Your Particular Audience Best

You might want to spend a little time planning ahead for what serves your particular audience.

For example if you are in the health and fitness industry you might want to think about creating a motivational quote for the day to inspire people to keep up the good work like this one ..

You want your audience to feel inspired by what you create for them every day.

Fitness motivation quotes: Fitness is a lifestyle

Or you might want to create a Daily Tip or quick recipe idea on how to stay on track ..

"canva tutorial"

Everyone loves a feel good way to start their day, that’s why so many people use Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest every day.

The vast majority of Facebook users share other people’s content your goal as an entrepreneur is to become is the CREATOR of something unique to you, your business and your brand that people WANT to share on Facebook.

There difference may seem subtle (ie you are sharing great content) BUT the difference to your brand and your business will be immeasurable.

If you are planning on inspiring other people, building your brand and deciding on your “voice” within your online marketing mix then these simple, quick and easy to create daily updates are super simple with Canva.

2. Next Decide On Your Branding – But Don’t Be Too Rigid 

During my recent rebranding Summer of 2017 (which you can read all about by clicking here) I decided that EVERYTHING I create should be “on brand” including my “thought for the day / #coachmedaily updates” however I noticed that when I tried to look all branded on Instagram it didn’t work as well as when I used pops of colour or great images (that people were drawn to in the first place right?)

So I leave my thought for the day to be a broader choice of colours, images and styles to be able to bring something eye catching and inspiring without it looking “all the same” as it would (and does) when you stick rigidly to your brand colours.

It’s a bit like having a rainbow on a cloudy day, and I believe life should be colourful.

*Bonus tip here – you can always make tips, articles and images that ARE on brand but see what works for you (chances are you are a way better graphic designer than I will ever be) but it isn’t about being perfect, it’s about engagement.

If you want an excellent example to follow check out Foundr magazine, their blend of content & updates is fabulous!

And if you are using Instagram, extra bonus tip is to use wording on a white background because they really “pop” and stand out.


"foundr instagram"



3. Decide On Your Image Resources And Bookmark Them

I happen to LOVE Bigstockphoto for images, I think their selection is excellent and they have a flexible reasonably priced Credit plan to buy images as and when you need them.

Another great resource is within Canva itself at an incredibly low priced $1.00 per image or choose from an abundance of free ones on offer there too.

Two of the best free image resources online are:-


*Bonus tip!

Use the filter options in CANVA to make use of images you love more than once by changing their colour ..


Became …


4. Find Inspiration Everywhere! 

Start A PINTEREST board for Motivational Quotes and start collecting.

Use Pinterest to search for terms like:-

  • Motivational quotes about life
  • Empowering quotes
  • Success mindset quotes
  • Fitness quotes
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Female entrepreneur quotes
  • Oprah quotes

The list is endless.


  • Pick up a book from your bookshelf and find something inspiring to share from it.
  • Or think of something you’ve said to a friend, family member or client that they found helpful

The more gold nuggets you seek out the easier they are to find.

After several years now of regurgitating “famous quotes” it’s the uniquely created ones with words of your own that will ultimately help you stand out.

"diane cossie quote"

It’s a very strange feeling “bigging up yourself” I say feel the fear and do it anyway because you have to become your number one cheerleader so that you can lead and inspire others and help them turn their can’ts into their cans and their drams into plans.


  • Spend a little time really thinking about how you can create something unique for your audience. Sharing tons of “other people’s stuff” as your entire social media strategy is not going to get you where you want to be.
  • A daily tip, thought, prayer, affirmation or quote is an easy way to get started creating unique branded content for your business.
  •  CANVA is an online place where I typically spend part of my every working day.
  • Creating new content every day gives you an arsenal of updates when it’s time to go on vacation 🙂
  • Inspiration is literally everywhere you look. Check out the video tutorial and subscribe to my You Tube Channel for more training videos just like one.

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"Canva Tutorial How To Create A Unique Tip For The Day"



To your online marketing success!

Diane Cossie

"Diane Cossie Project Lifestyle Club"

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