Why Cross Promoting Across More Social Media Platforms Isn’t As Bad As You Think

"Why Cross Promoting Across More Social Media Platforms Isn’t As Bad As You Think"

 Note from Diane: So just when you think you have your social media plan all worked out, set up and working smoothly that little voice inside your head says “how can we do social media better?” And so I used a recent holiday break to do some new reading, research and learning and decided to talk differently on each social media platform moving forward.

Social media platforms evolve every year and they have all matured after years of prolific growth with Facebook just celebrating the 2 billion landmark emphatically underlining that they are here to stay and the world loves them.

They are where we love to hang out each and every day and for those of us as small business owners and entrepreneurs they have been a constant challenge for us to find ways to use them to build our businesses.

The thing about social media platforms is that they are SOCIAL platforms not ADVERTISING platforms so we have all had to learn do things differently to make an impact and personally I think it has made us better marketers, business owners and human beings!

I love Twitter for conversation and trends, I love Facebook for articles, videos, webinars, quotes, friends updates and content, I love Instagram for those behind the scenes moments and clever images and I love Pinterest for it’s unbelievably pure inspiration.

So I thought “why on earth am I just posting the same content in the same way across such different platforms?”

Why Cross Promoting Across More Social Media Platforms Isn’t As Bad As You Think


1. Why Diversify Your Social Media Updates? 

If you’ve become a little “in a hurry to get social media over and done with” each day you are in need of a refresh when it comes to social media management in 2017 because the current demand is for dealing with each social media platform slightly differently and tailoring your content more carefully to each one.

For example INSTAGRAM is very visual, and it’s high quality visuals that get the most likes, comments and attention. If you want to build up your followers create high quality images that are tailor-made for what Instagram users love.

TWITTER is fast and conversation / opinion driven and is favoured by celebrities (and certain world leaders who can’t seem to stop tweeting even when they are the President of the United States of America) lol 🙂 Twitter is much more forgiving about quantity of posting than ANY other social media platform so use that to your advantage for Press Releases, Articles. Blog posts and links to your offers and promotions in amongst managing your retweets and mentions.

FACEBOOK is my personal favourite social media platform as it’s got so much daily interactivity with all those 2 billion users every day, but unlocking the organic reach on your Facebook page is a tricky combination with Facebook allowing only about 2% of your fan base see your posts in their Newsfeeds. Experiment with longer Facebook posts and video for better reach and pay attention to your insights to see what’s working (and what isn’t).

PINTEREST is my new focus platform for 2017 because it’s so visual and inspirational to use for you and your business. Once again quality counts here and tall pins are the way to go for more repins. The key thing about Pinterest is it’s potential to bring you residual traffic. For that alone it’s in a class of it’s own.

2. Don’t Throw Your Scheduling Tool Out The Window Yet!

Creating a social media plan for your business doesn’t have to take hours and hours of your time (and it shouldn’t) but you will need to think about batching up your content for the week ahead and scheduling it using your favourite scheduling tool or tools if you are going to remain sane or it can easily take over ALL your time and you’ll end up “doing social media” all day and nothing else.

The key here is to get comfortable with your content strategy and then cross promote your content to all social media platforms using your schedule tools.

For example. I use Cinchshare for Facebook pages I manage, Facebook Groups and Twitter plus one absolutely fantastic feature is storing text clips for status updates you use all the time. (saving time peeps)

I have recently discovered Tailwind for Instagram and Pinterest scheduled updates which looks pretty awesome.

When you work on the basis of 1-2 updates per day on each platform it isn’t quite so daunting.

I believe the focus moving forward will be more and more on quality over quantity and for Facebook reach you are going to have to think about paid reach not just organic.

3. Blow The Dust Off Canva Because You Have To Take Branding Seriously

One of the best books I’ve read recently is She Means Business by Carrie Green.

She is an extremely successful female entrepreneur who has built an amazing community and membership club called the Female Entrepreneur Association. That in itself is impressive enough. (she’s also a really lovely person too).

However what strikes you immediately about everything (and I mean everything) she does whether it’s on her website or on social media is her branding.

She takes it very seriously and whilst reading her awesome book she explains WHY branding is so important and I literally put that book down and started thinking about everything to do with branding in a whole new way.

She explains the importance of experiencing someone’s brand in her book and how it makes you feel in a way that really underlined something that I simply had to work on moving forward hence the new look website and social media profiles I am working on right now in my all time favourite combination of black / white and gold.

It’s a welcome back to DianeCossie.com for me and by defining my brand and making it more easily recognised with a palette of style and colours to work with, all those social media updates become easier to create too.


  • 1. Social media platforms have their own unique personalities therefore your posts and updates cannot be a one size fits all approach.
  • 2. Using schedulers is still the way to go (or you will go mad frankly) so choose them carefully and schedule the week in advance (you’ll thank me later)
  • 3  If branding is your obsession then good for you. If it something you were mildly interested in before NOW is the time to rethink exactly HOW you are showing up on social media every day because today looks really do matter with content still being king and queen of the pack.

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Diane Cossie is a Digital Marketing Strategist, a Whizz at Wordpress, a geek when it comes to Google, Inspiring on Instragram and Fabulous on Facebook. She is on a mission to virtually coach 10,000 female entrepreneurs to £10k a month with The Project Lifestyle Club.