Why Personal Development Is Vital To Your Success

"Why Personal Development Is Vital To Your Success"

        Personal development is often something associated with listening to great motivational speakers of our time like Tony Robbins or Bob Proctor. I personally could (and do) listen to them for hours and hours. For me it’s the modern day equivalent of King Solomon consulting with wise men to build on his own wisdom.

The amazing thing is that with You Tube at our finger tips today you can literally tap into hours and hours of personal development talks, events and seminars from the comfort of your armchair at any time you choose.

We also have an extraordinary personal dictionary of life available called GOOGLE. And if you have a thirst for knowledge and an insatiable desire to learn everything you can about your chosen topic, there is nothing to stop you from reaching a very high standard of expertise in a relatively short space of time.

But acquiring knowledge without becoming a better person in the process will not help you reach your goals.

As one of the wisest men of our recent times put it so eloquently

Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become.” – Jim Rohn

Feature Article : Why Personal Development Is Vital To Your Success

"Why Personal Development"

1. Personal Development Counts

Personal development is not a one time, read a book and your’e done event. It’s the process of continually seeking to better yourself in some way every day.

It’s a lifelong pursuit because life is a work-in-progress and none of us are or ever will be, even Kim Kardashian 😉

Self-evolution and loving to learn new things is what really sets you apart and it will be the major deciding factor in your overall business success.

The real fight as a human being is always the internal battle and mastery over yourself.

In order to become great we must first dominate ourselves, challenge our limiting beliefs, dig deep when it comes to self-belief and develop a great attitude to life and learning because people become might attracted to it.

2. Personal Development Is Like A Tennis Match Of You Versus You 

I loved reading the other day that David Beckham (he of the wonderful attitude and the dynamic ability to deliver a football to the feet of an attacking striker with supreme accuracy) was in awe of Andy Murray (the British tennis player that beat all the odds) because TENNIS is a one man (not team) game.

David was commenting on the difference between being part of a team, working as a team, even being fit as a team was strikingly different to when everything in your game comes down to just you as in the case of Andy Murray.

Working on yourself to become a better person, better business person, better athlete, better writer, better singer etc is entirely down to your ability to develop yourself.

It doesn’t come from any external factors and it’s ultimately entirely down to you and cannot be faked, bypassed or bought.

One well executed idea or one person who is attracted to you because of what you have become has the potential to change your life forever. 

3. Seeking The Balanced Philosophy Of Life

You may have noticed that in life age does not always guarantee wisdom.

I know some pretty smart young people and I know some older people who are not smart at all. Age does not guarantee you wisdom, but constantly raising the bar on yourself, your habits, your attitude, your inner calmness, your learning will certainly gain you more respect from others whatever age you are.

Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of continual personal development is to constantly challenge what you tell yourself and what other people tell you.

It’s as much about acquiring new knowledge and insights as it is about constantly challenging what you THINK you know.

One of the easiest ways I’ve heard recently to aspire to the become the person you really want to be is to ask yourself the question:-

“What would my future self do?”  (you’ll be amazed at some of the answers and the new directions you will find yourself moving towards.


  • 1. Personal development is a commitment you make to yourself to always strive to become the best version of yourself possible in every way.
  • 2.It’s important to reflect on past performances and constantly look for new ways to improve and get better.
  • 3 When challenged with any new situation, ask yourself “What my future self do?”.

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