5 Facebook Marketing Update Examples That Work And Why

"5 Facebook Marketing Update Examples That Work And Why "

Note from Diane: Facebook content marketing has quite honestly given me countless hours of entertainment, forged new virtual friends for life and developed my business in ways that can only be described as totally enchanting. 

I take delight from delighting people with Facebook content that makes them smile, laugh and helps their day go just that little bit better.

Imagine the FUN you’d have if you just unblock any restrictive thoughts you have right now about “what to say or do on your Facebook page forever” and replace them with total certainty and clarity that every update you make can potentially reach thousands of people for free when you know the special formula we’ve devised that helps you create fresh unique content that gets you more likes, comments and shares.

Feature Article :5 Facebook Marketing Update Examples That Work And Why

"5 Facebook Marketing Update Examples That Work And Why "


One niche market of mine in particular that I absolutely love is the Club50plus audience, they are incredibly active on Facebook, so much fun and so engaging. It’s all about knowing and understanding what that audience LIKES and the closer you get to that, the better your results will be.

Just so you know, these 5 Facebook content marketing examples are less than a few weeks old, are not one hit wonders and reflect results we get on a regular basis.

The most remarkable thing is that the Club50plus page only has just over 3,000 “Likes” so you can take heart that this isn’t necessarily the type of results you can only expect when you reach 30,000 Facebook page likes or more.

To build a Facebook business page like this we recommend starting with our Free Facebook Content Map which you can download by clicking here.

1.Daily Tips That Are Loveable

"facebook content marketing examples"

Tips like this one will always make your audience feel good all over. We always put these types of tips out every day for consistency and we take a little bit of extra time every now again to enhance the branding of the image which creates a sense of ownership for the audience of the page.

2. Surrender To The Magical Spell Of Nostalgia

"facebook content marketing examples"

Whatever your niche is, it will have evolved in some way from days gone by. People LOVE to be reminded of a time when they were carefree (especially if that was a time when they had TV show idols pinned to their walls) or they remember LOVING something from years gone by.

There were plenty of things to see and do BEFORE Facebook became part of our lives, so dig into the archives of your niche and remind your audience of memorable moments, people and things from days gone by.

3. Let Them Fall In Love All Over Again

"facebook content marketing examples"

Obviously the Club50plus niche is FULL of Grandparents and of course Great Grandparents and NOTHING tugs at their heart strings more than huggable quotes about their favourite people in the whole world, their grandchildren. (Fortunately I know EXACTLY what that is like because Oliver is my 5 year old grandson and the apple of my eye.)

The incredible reach comes from the number of SHARES. When you get Facebook content that people love to share you will start to reach more people too.

4. Make Them Laugh!

"facebook content marketing examples"

Although from these examples you would still be wondering what the Club50plus is actually all about because it looks like a whole lot of fun right?

Sprinkled into all the variety of these Facebook content marketing examples are also recipes, healthy lifestyle and exercise tips for the over 50’s market. My approach to any Facebook business page is more of a mini magazine aimed at the market place NOT just the niche.

For example Contemporary Log Living’s Facebook page is aimed at the Home and Garden market, it’s core business is in the granny annexe niche. Go wide and go deep but if you can .. make ’em laugh!

5. Provoke A Reaction 

"facebook content marketing examples"

 There is nothing like a gorgeous looking 61 year old movie star to provoke a “WOW!” on a Facebook page filled with 50+ (mainly women). Of course it helps that Kevin Costner looks totally amazing, you can’t really help yourself.

This is a weekly feature we run on the page and so far Jamie Lee Curtis and Kevin Costner have been the front runners for looking naturally healthy for their age. Unlike the previous example, the reach on this update was due to the number of LIKES rather than just SHARES.


  • Start by creating a Facebook Content Marketing Map like the one we use which you can download instantly by clicking here.
  • Work out some topics that are NOT just related to your particular niche. (**this is key)
  • Never just post your products and services all day long and expect anything other than a stagnant Facebook page.
  • Let go of the outcome, relax and enjoy the ride!
  • If you want our help to get you going, or you simply want to outsource the whole process to me and my team here at Creative Online Marketing, check out our virtual assistant services where we offer a very easy on the budget “Social Media Done For You Service” that includes (**for a limited time only) a simple Facebook page like campaign to actively grow your page while we take care of your daily content.

To your online marketing success!

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