3 Things To Try In July

"3 Things To Try In July"

Note from Diane: Here are three new things to try this month to keep the momentum going in your business and your focus on reaching your goals.

It’s the half-way point in the year and that means it’s time to review those goals you set yourself at the start of the year and compare where you are now to where you want to be by the end of the year.

One of the best ways in which you can kick-start your efforts (especially in the Summer months) is to try something new. Or try something again that you may have tried before but you’ll find that as your experience has grown you suddenly find the ” thing” you tried before now it works like a charm.

As the saying goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears” 🙂

Feature Article : 3 Things To Try In July


Try Pinterest As A Traffic Source To Your Blog

The great thing about Pinterest is that not only is it brilliantly useful for collecting all sorts of “things” you like (I’m always attracted to all sorts of pretty things a bit like a Magpie) but it’s also absolutely fantastic at sending you PERPETUAL traffic when you create a Pin that goes viral.

We did a collated style blog post on our Contemporary Log Living website that sends us a ton of traffic each and every month to that website JUST from one PIN. It’s seriously good traffic too.

We attribute the viralness of the PIN down to the unusual addition to what is a common type of collated blog post when we did a collated post of guest room ideas and decided to add a framed WIFI password to the end of the post. (You can see the much pinned blog post by clicking here)

Create something ORIGINAL by adding in all the elements of a typical collated blog post and then add in something unexpected (or amazingly useful) at the end is a something to put to the test for your business in July.

Try Plotting Your Progress In A Journal

I have to admit I have only started doing this “properly” this year and it’s all down to the Daily Greatness Journal (get 5% off yours by using this special code) that is especially designed for the purpose.

Talking of the word “purpose” you often hear entrepreneurs talk about “being on purpose” because they are literally tuned in to their intuitive side, planning their strategy for the next 90 days, allowing themselves to be creative, visualising their goals and using all of that pure energy to blast through their Must Do Lists.

Knowing you are on track is very motivating.

The difference between blasting through a To Do List haphazardly (or running your business in a “what shall I do today” kind of way versus making sure 80% of what you do daily forwards your business and life goals is the difference between building your business on purpose rather than just hoping something is going to happen,

The Daily Greatness Journal can be found by clicking here if you are in the UK.

(or get 5% off your next order by using this special code)

 Try Boosting Blog Posts On Your Facebook Page

If you want to generate extra enquiries, more email subscribers or just attract more attention to your offers or your website use the Facebook page boost post feature and see what happens.

Simply click on the BOOST feature under the blog post, promotion or image you want to boost and select “people who like your Page and their friends” as the audience.

Set your budget and duration (where it’s comfortable for you) it’s best in short bursts and place your order.

Wait for Facebook to approve your post and watch what happens when you get the same content in front of MORE people.

Try it without expecting miracles to happen several times in July.


  • 1. Pinterest is a terrific perpetual traffic source when you get a pinned post to go viral. Add something unusual or helpful to your post for best effect.
  • 2. Even if you’ve tried journalling before, get your hands on the Daily Greatness Daily Journal and start again with a strategy in mind..
  • 3 Try boosting a Facebook post every other week to gauge what it feels like to be in front of more people. My guess is you’ll like it.

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