#coachmedaily Your Values Become Your Destiny

"#coachmedaily Your Values Become Your Destiny"

       Leading with your values in life is a good thing because your values become your destiny. When you are looking for ways to grow your business by attracting more of your ideal clients you will want to set out quite clearly what your values are and align yourself with people who share them.

Values should be positive and uplifting and are usually passed down from generation to generation within families.

If you uphold your values (even under pressure or when challenged) you will be seen in other people’s eyes as a person of integrity.

Following the horrific attack on the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester recently the reaction was one of unity and “One Love.” Values bring people together and positive values UNITE people far more than negative ones.

Upholding positive values shapes your character and that’s an important factor with how you choose to show up in your business every day.

Feature Article : Your Values Become Your Destiny


 Build Your Business Congruently With Your Values

When you set about building a Facebook page for your business or starting any marketing campaign, one of the first things to do is to create an AVATAR of “who you are talking to” (if you want me to walk you through this process you can access my Facebook Marketing Tool Kit by clicking here)

Part of the process includes making sure you think about your audience and what their values are. For my Club50+ audience I chose the following values as a guideline to the type of content I would like to post on that page.









And it is incredibly successful when I stick to my own positive values and produce content that I know they will resonate with.

 Thinking A Little More Like Disney About Values When It Comes To Your Business

By keeping your values positive you will start to notice that life is incredible and when you realise that your positive values have the power to shape your destiny they grow stronger.

In fact one of the best examples of upholding good honest family values is of course DISNEY.

As a mother / Nana you just KNOW you can trust Disney right?

Every ride Disney creates is just scary enough to thrill you.

Every TV series Disney makes isn’t going to filled with innuendo or swear words, it’s going to make you feel good, smile and laugh out loud.

Every time you visit Disney World or Disneyland you know you can trust that it is going to be a good experience.

Such is the VALUE of a business driven by positive values.

Spanning decades of entertainment at the highest level, Disney still delivers TV series like Sophia the First, Miles from Tomorrow and Doc Mc Stuffins to whole new generations of young people who are being introduced to the same values Disney has always upheld.

 Let Your Integrity Shine

When you add your own positive values into your business, your branding, your mission statement and your personal and business goals you will be totally aligned with everything you are doing.

That gut instinct of yours will let you know when something doesn’t quite feel right.

And it’s usually because it goes against one of your core values in some way.

You’ll also notice that in general the people you get on really well with have the same or similar VALUES to you and they will instinctively feel the same about you.

Spend some time today writing down your CORE VALUES because they play an important part in your business and will ultimately SHAPE your CHARACTER and create your destiny.

Above all let your integrity shine – the world today NEEDS people with integrity more than ever before.


  • 1. Positive core values stand the test of time even when challenged.
  • 2. An important part of defining the audience you are “talking to” is all about understanding your audience and what’s really important to them.
  • 3 Think good old honest to goodness values and you think Disney.
  • 4. Let your integrity shine!

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