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Rave Review For Mark Ford And The Palm Beach Letter

Note from Diane:When I first started out on what I have called the Passive Income March I was a seasoned expenditure “Control Freak” hence my best selling Ebook which you can download from a recent blog post by clicking here.

So once you regain control of your unnecessary expenditure and you breathe a sigh of huge relief that you have plugged up a few of those leaking holes in your savings buckets you suddenly realise that there is still a mountain to climb.

Now being forty-something entrepreneur with a two year Grandson in my life TIME to allow compound interest to do all the work for me is simply not an option, I need to find ways to FAST TRACK my INVESTING learning curve which is why I am a member of the Elevation Group and Wealth Masters.

One of the recommendations from within the Elevation Group was Mark Ford’s Palm Beach Newsletter and for anyone who likes unconventional wisdom from a guy who has most certainly been there and done it .. it’s an absolute SNIP!

Feature Article:Rave Review For Mark Ford And The Palm Beach Letter

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If you trawl the internet looking for a Palm Beach Newsletter Review or something similar you will see a ton of negative results with things like Mark Ford SCAM or similar scare mongering. So as always seeking to make my own opinion and decisions is an ethic I live by and strongly believe in so as the whole year’s subscription was less than $100 it is BY FAR one of the best value for money things I have invested in to gain a glimpse inside this incredible man’s head.

You May Know Mark Ford By His Pen Name Michael Masterson

In 1982, Mark Ford moved to Palm Beach County, Florida and took a job with a small publishing company. He worked as an apprentice to a well-known businessman in South Florida helping that company grow to $135 million in annual revenues and became a multi-millionaire himself by age of 39.

He has also written a dozen books on entrepreneurship, personal productivity, and wealth building. Three of these were New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-sellers.

He delights in challenging the way you think about everything from Retirement, what your definition of “wealthy” is, whether you 401k Is actually a good investment or not, how to work out your Lifestyle Burn Rate and more goodies served up in easy to read Wealth Building Essays, updates and Monthly Editions of the Palm Beach Letter itself.

Warning! If You Want A Fuzzy Warm Feeling That Your Future Is Nice And Rosy This Is Not For You!

One of the early Bonus Wealth Building Essays is Mark Ford’s Message to a 47 Year Old With No Money.
Mark’s insistence of blowing wide open conventional wisdom when it comes to investing and wealth building may be considered insulting to some, and a few readers take pen to paper and write what they think!

One such reader wrote that although he had learned a lot from the Palm Beach Letter he felt it was not suitable for him, being 47 with a networth of $25,000. He was not interested in long-term savings, nor did he want a million dollars when he was 70 years old, he wanted it now.

It Is typical of how people are seeing their once comfortable lives turning into a struggle as the economic depression gets worse. Without time on your side, an income that is barely sufficient to meet expenses and rising costs in essentials what can you do? Mark’s response makes great reading by the way.

Other Bonus Essays Include:

  • Breaking the Chains Of Financial Slavery
  • The Secret of the Golden Buckets
  • Don’t Invest Your Money If You Want To Grow Rich

You can probably tell whether or not this content will make you THINK or make you MAD right?

Understanding Mark Ford’s Rules To Live By

When it comes to challenging the way you think about wealth building and investing Mark Ford seems to firmly part of “camp unique.”

As an entrepreneur you expect to roll with punches, get back up every time you get knocked down, make mistakes and learn from them and expect to win some / lose some.

What is remarkable is that Mark Ford sets out to NEVER LOSE MONEY.

As someone who has bought stocks that have gone up and stocks that have gone down, I have experienced that feeling of “oh well win some lose some” but the information within the Palm Beach Letter has completely changed my approach. Mark shares his thought on preventing that happening and how to go about it.

The Meat And Potatoes Of The Monthly Recommendations

One of the most valuable and fascinating benefits of having this amazing little resource headed your way on a regular basis is that you get a snap shot every month of the way the markets are reacting, what is hot and what is not plus the thinking behind what your next calculated move in your investment portfolio might be.

As with everything financial, or in general there are NO GUARANTEES but considering the pocketful of dollars the Palm Beach Newsletter costs I would value it incredibly highly if you have a positive open mind about challenging everything you thought you knew about building wealth and investing.

Unless you have the same results as Mark Ford to show for it .. it may be worth a look. (By the way I am NOT being paid any commission for my recommendation it is straight from the “as I have found it” stand point)


If you have read this blog post and it helped you in some way please consider leaving a comment!

To your passive income march success!

Why@dianecossie? ↑ Diane Cossie is a top UK based female entrepreneur serving an international client base, ace creative online marketer, strategist, coach and creator of the Project Lifestyle Club which is dubbed the WordPress Workout for your online business aimed at helping small business owners, solo and infopreneurs through the first steps to a profit ready WordPress business. Her unique talent is her ability to take the complicated and make it simple, easy to understand, follow and implement.

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