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Are you a small business owner or home based entrepreneur sat in front of your computer every day scratching your head and hoping for better results to start flowing from all your efforts?

Or perhaps social media is taking up far too much of your time and you are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted just thinking about it!

You might even think social media just isn't right for your business?

Don't you just want to restore that great feeling of joy in your business day?

When you had hope for the future and a spring in your step?

Everything feels so much easier then doesn't it?

If that sounds like you, then welcome to my website, it's great to meet you!

I'm Diane Cossie and I'm a Digital Marketing Strategist with years of experience behind me spent creating something out of nothing and selling it on the internet.

I have blogged my way to over £1,000,000 worth of sales revenue and I know the 3 keys you need to generate momentum in your business and unyielding self-belief in yourself.

You need:-




And that's exactly why I created my signature program called the Project Lifestyle Club.


Serious Entrepreneurs Wanted ...

The thing about entrepreneurs is that they tend to be CREATIVE and that gets us tied up in all sorts of knotty places.


One minute we are breezing along oozing confidence and the very next day we've lost every shred of confidence in ourselves and we head off down another rabbit hole looking for the next silver bullet that is going to make everything "glue the pieces together" and work!

How do I know so much about that?

Because I've been there, worn the T-shirt and found a way through the maze that I love  sharing with people just like you inside the Project Lifestyle Club.

When you have a clear strategy to follow and someone virtually coaching you along things become easier and you start to gain CLARITY.

From CLARITY comes CONFIDENCE. It cannot happen any other way. You need to follow a proven social media strategy to build momentum in your business and that's exactly what we deliver for you.

COMPETENCE has to be earned. There is no short cut to getting out there and just doing the darn thing but when you have someone sharing with you all the best tools, resources and strategies you WILL get a head start on anyone spent trying to figure the whole thing out by themselves.

Learn proven ways to generate leads online for your business using our unique Project Lifestyle Club Method. Each month we are going to deliver you tried and tested virtual coaching tips, training and strategies to help you design and build your own project lifestyle business.

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